Where were the mines?

Mines to the north of Southowram village

1. Ford Hill

2. Oates Royd

3. Ambler Thorn

4. Shibden Head

5. Windy bank

6. Aincar

7. .Brow Pit

8. Old Holmfield

9. Red Gin

10. Mortons New

11. Howcans

12. Cold Harbour

13. Plantation

14. Turners

15. Nab End

16. Boothtown Colliery

17. Clarkes

18. Dam Head

19. Shibden Mill

20. Four Lane End

21. Quarry House

22. Oates and Green (Horley Green)

23. Charlestown

24. Ellen Royd

25. Beacon

26. Godley Clay Pit

27. Lister (Shibden Hall)

28. Listerwick

29. Bank Bottom

30. Southowram Bank

31. Swan Bank

32. Marsh Lane

33. Sunny Bank

34. Highfield

35. Walter Clough

Mines to the south of Southowram village

34. Highfield

36. Cinderhill

37. Windy Wall Nook

38. Siddal Wells

39. Park Nook

40. Exley

41. Park Nook

42. Binns Bottom

43. Ashgrove

44. Calder

45. New Hall

46. Victoria

47. Tong Royd

48. Storth No.2

49. Ainley Grange

50. Blackley and Woodman

51. Hollins Hey

52. Aitken Flat

More information about individual mines

These maps show the location of mines which operated between the beginning of the 19th century and the middle of the 20th century and has been compiled from map evidence, articles written by W.B.Trigg and published by the Halifax Antiquarian Society, a list of abandoned mines held in Bradford Library, a list of mines in the Halifax area held in the records of the Northern Mine Research Society along with information published in the reports of the Mines Inspectors and Parliamentary Commission on the Employment of Women and Children in Mines 1842 and various abandonment plans held in local record offices.

The maps only show mines which can be easily identified.